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Dreamtree Studios Australia

Learn banjo the EASY way!

NOW, when you buy a 4-lesson block I KNOW you mean business!

Well DONE when you do !

When you buy 4 lessons I know you are committed and you can play each video in sequence as I have designed the lesson plan. Just do each lesson, practice and go to your next one when you are ready. Be patient and RELAX, Banjo Heaven was not built in a day!. Learning to play banjo should NOT be a chore. Remember, your nastiest critic is YOU! When you make a mistake or can't quite get it right, DON'T criticize yourself or listen to that inner voice that keeps telling you "I always KNEW I could never do this!". To that critic I always say "WHO are YOU to tell ME I can't play??" And just keep practicing. Once you get better that nasty little critic will disappear and it will be replaced by a shiny banjo player: YOU! Don't stop until your inner critic is gone. Your friends and family will cheer (we hope). If they don't then play for someone who DOES cheer!

Special Message: Because you have made a commitment by purchasing a 4-lesson block I have included bonus lessons in your package. See your invoice Memo for the links to all lessons.

4-lesson block with bonus lessons