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Dreamtree Studios Australia

Learn banjo the EASY way!



Welcome to the Studio!

Posted on August 21, 2018 at 1:40 AM

Hi All!

It's Geoffrey here, owner and founder of Dreamtree Studios here in Sydney, Australia.

I started Dreamtree Studios in 2002 and it has progressed a good way since. I have had the intention to build an on-line teaching platform for years and it's now official! The folks at Vista Print who print my business cards have been wonderful help and we are doing an official launch very soon.

You will be able to have your first lesson (15 minutes worth) at no charge and then purchase short lessons for as little as A$3.97. You can also buy blocks of 4, 5 and 10 lessons to save money and get lots of value. We are still working out linking my YouTube instructional videos to the PayPal gateway so be patient! Once this is up and running the whole world will be able to play in this new style....I am happy to present it FINALLY!

I was on FaceBook yesterday and a banjo player from Morocco of all places got on line and spoke to me through a translation program...we managed to chat and he showed me his hand-made 6 string banjo! I love eastern scales and sounds and there he was playing...amazing! Reminds of my hippie days in the 1970's listening to Middle Eastern instrument players out by the border of Afghanistan next to a bonfire...blew my mind...lucky I survived that trip! Anyway, Dreamtree Studios "Pick-Hammer" style is almost ready for its GRAND LAUNCH!

Stay tuned and keep playing!

All the best,


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